Lenzing Modal®

Lenzing Modal®

Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss

Edelweiss means “the manufacturing process of the Lenzing Modal”, which is carbon-neutral and the most environmental-friendly fibers without the use of chemical softening agents.
In addition, energy & by-products are recycled and preserved because the raw materials, pulps and Lenzing Modal are produced in the same country, Austria.


1) Characteristics

  • It has the characteristics of both silk and cotton (soft and glossy).
  • The weaknesses of viscose rayon - contractility and low wet strength - are ameliorated.
  • Blends easily with other fibers
  • Blending with cotton yields more vivid color and better fabric surface thanks to improved evenness
  • Being washed severl times, it remains highly absorbent & soft and fibrils do not occur often

2) Usage

  • Underwear, bath towel, housedress, socks, etc.

3) Fiber properties

Fineness / dtex (Length/mm) Modal® 1.3 (39) 1.7 (39/50)
Strength CN/tex 35
Elongation % 13
Wet Strength CN/tex 20
Wet Elongation % 15
BISFA Module CN/tex/5% 6

4) Type of product

  • Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss 100 % Spun Yarn (NE20/1 - NE50/1)
  • Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss / COTTON Blended Yarn (NE20/1 - NE50/1)
  • Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss / POLY Blended Yarn (NE30/1 - NE40/1)

Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss